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The van dwelling minstrel, Lipbone Redding, spends a lot of time with  himself, and has a deep archive of recorded stories, and music. 

Join him  on a worldwide adventure, into the heart of happiness. 

Lipbone records  and shares music, stories, thoughts, and commentary on love, humanity  and the meaning of life. He asks friends and strangers to “tell a story”  and documents the sounds of his own life.


Stranded in Paradise - S1:E1

In this episode, rumors are flying about the Corona virus outbreak here in Mexico. Should I stay or should I go?

I am digging deep into the demo pile and pulling out things I never thought anyone would listen to. Turns out they're not that bad. 
"West African Boogaloo" by Lipbone Redding
"Walk Around This Town" by Lipbone Redding
  Also, a story by the perennial hatmaker / hippy philosopher, Guy Samuel. 

The World Is Speaking - S1:E2

In this episode, I've taken up temporary residence in a safe and tranquil space in the swamps of Florida, surrounded by frogs, birds, crickets and other wildlife. Songs and talk of the end of history and the beginning of something new.  


"NYC SHINES" - Lipbone Redding 
"Sacred Ground" - Lipbone Redding, Mashti
"Tuscarora PowWow song" 
"Chandra" - Lipbone Redding
"B Pa Flute" - Pranavam Das
"Never Forsake U" - Lipbone Redding
"King Of Lemonade" - Lipbone Redding
"Put The Speaker In The Window" - Lipbone Redding

The Portal - S1:E3

In this episode:

- Heather Hatter reads a message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenous leader
- Sherwin Harris tells us the story of meeting Owen Lee
- Swami Srinivasananda gives an account of his friend and teacher, Swami Vishnudevananda as he flouts international law and flies his colorful Piper Apache plane  across the Suez Canal on the eve of war. 

The Windchime - S1:E4

Dreams, weird experiences and beauty blend together to make "real life"  and sometimes its hard to tell dream stories from waking reality.  Don't  fight too hard to tell the difference. Relax and travel with this  week's episode:  "The Windchime."

Stories by Anela Lauren, Karen Grossman, Kevin WIlson, and Erica Schaefer

Opening Music:
"The Windchime" by Anela Lauren, Sam Shin and Lipbone Redding

Original Recordings and Music by Lipbone Redding

Whalesong courtesy of Watkins Marine Mammal Sound Database, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Special Thanks to Saint Anne's Chapel at Oak Grove 

Varanasi- S1:E5

All Sounds recorded on location in India  Violin by Dr. V. Balaji 
Additional music  by Lipbone Redding Mixed and Produced in The Beautiful Flying Machine

“Whistling on a train to Varanasi” - unknown gentleman on a late night train 

Anna Fischer - “Varanasi”

“Lost and Found Again” - Dr. V. Balaji & Lipbone Redding

Anna Fischer - “A Close Call”

“Sita Ram - Sunset on a Bicycle” - Temple Singers

“Water In The Dust”  -  Written and read by Lipbone Redding
    Violin by Dr. V. Balaji

Anna Fischer - “Himalayan Chai”
    Flute by Lipbone Redding

“Third Class Sleeper, Indian Night” - Written and read by Lipbone Redding
   Additional Vocals - Dr. V. Balaji

Anna Fischer - “I’m Right Here”

Special Thanks:
to my dear friend Anna for taking the time to WhatsApp me these stories.

Extra  Special Thanks: to Dr. V. Balaji and Family for taking me in and  treating me like a long lost relative… and for teaching me that music is  a privilege and a sacred obligation. 

Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah!

Clear Evening After Rain- S1:E6


In this episode:  A hash smuggler's tales of a Syrian  prison, 8th Century Chinese Poetry, and Life advice from a sentient  tree-being.

“Crater Lake Cantata” by Lipbone Redding - performed by Beyond The See (Sam Shin - Cello, Anela Lauren - Harp, Lipbone Redding - Guitar)

“Syria” - Harrison

“Far Up The River ” by Tu Fu (8th Century, Chinese translated by Kenneth Rexroth) - read by Anita Lorraine Moore

“Will We Remember?” - Anita Lorraine Moore

“Tree Hugger” - Lipbone Redding

Air Traffic Control log tapes

“Hashish” - Harrison

“Night  In The House By The River”  - by Tu Fu (8th Century, Chinese translated  by Kenneth Rexroth)- read by Anita Lorraine Moore, 

“Officer’s Family” - Harrison

“Clear Evening After Rain” by Tu Fu (8th Century, Chinese translated by Kenneth Rexroth) - read by Anita Lorraine Moore

“Crater  Lake Cantata” by Lipbone Redding - performed by Beyond The See (Sam  Shin - Cello, Anela Lauren - Harp, Lipbone Redding - Guitar)

All music by Lipbone Redding © CitizenOneMusic, 2020 All Rights Reserved

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